Update: 29 July 2020

We are strictly following the SOP guidelines and are working closely with the Ministry of Education.  Any updates we receive will be posted here.

Update: 20 May 2020

Covid-19 (Novel coronavirus 2019 / Wuhan virus)

Current Action

The school is currently screening pupils’ temperatures on entry to school each morning and sanitising everyone’s hands on entry to school.

Primary students are being regularly reminded about good hygiene practices and sanitise their hands after every visit to the lavatory.

The school is regularly disinfecting door handles and light switches and surfaces as well as shared items in primary classes.

It is not mandatory to wear masks unless coughing and sneezing.


We request that any student or any immediate family of a student who has been to:

 People’s Republic of China (mainland China),

 South Korea – Daegu or Cheongdo,

 Italy – Veneto or Lombardy,

 Japan – Hokkaido,

impose a 14 day quarantine on themselves and their family and inform the school. This self-quarantine would also apply if you have received a visitor from any of these regions.

We rely on the J.I.S. community’s sense of responsibility to help keep this infection away from school.


In line with government advice, we strongly suggest that you avoid travel to areas affected by Covid-19. We also strongly recommend that students taking IGCSEs in the May/June series remain in Malaysia.


As we are not aware of any proven cases of Covid-19 in Sabah, we expect all children to attend classes as normal and to join in with all planned school activities.


Future Action

If cases unconnected with school occur in Kota Kinabalu we will follow MOE directives. In addition, we may

            Suspend assembly

            Suspend coach trips

            Segregate students by class where possible

Close school for single days for large-scale disinfection.

If cases connected with members of school occur, we will follow MOE directives. In addition, we may close part of, or all of the school for a period which would be decided at the time.

If the school is closed for an extended period we shall continue with classes remotely as best we can via social media, Class Dojo and Google Classroom.

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