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Christmas fun with JIS

The festive season is just around the corner and we would have preferred to be in school spending the last weeks of 2020 working together towards our yearly Christmas pageant. Despite the circumstances, we still want to make sure that we continue honouring our yearly successful celebrations at JIS and have a memorable time together.

With this in mind, our Christmas committee has worked very hard on putting together a program for all JIS students and teachers to end this year on a high note.

We are excited to present The JIS VIRTUAL CHRISTMAS WEEK which will be held from 1st – 14th December 2020.

There is a variety of fun and creative ev

ents that each one of you can take part in. Some will be led by the class teachers, some by the subject teachers, and some will even involve your family members too!

Join in the excitement as there are exciting prizes to be won. Winners will receive their prizes at their doorstep on 18th December.

Let’s get into the Christmas spirit and continue to be optimistic, as that is what our JIS family stands for!

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